What printer should I use?

If you’re going to print out your own scrap book pages, rather than using an online service then it’s the ink that’s actually more important. Printers with at least 6 ink tanks means that you only need to replace the colour that you’ve run out of. It’s also important that you use ink which is fugitive, i.e. doesn’t fade over time. So look out for pigment printers instead of dye printers.

Pigment ink does dry slower than the more common dye ink and you get very good results on a matt or plain paper. If you use specially coated paper, then your printed page will look good enough for exhibiting in public!

The other thing to think about is a standard A4 printer will not have enough room on the paper to fit your 12×12" scrap pages. So, if money is no object then look out for an  A3 pigment printer with at least 6 ink tanks and buy the specially coated paper.

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