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Titchy Witchy Books


Titchy Witchy’s ABC. What can I be? This charming alphabet book introduces very young children to the letter shapes of the alphabet by playing dress-up. This book is ideal for pre-readers and children learning to read and write.
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Titchy Witchy wants a pet. This book is about Titchy Witchy and how she decides one day she wants to have a pet. Her friend Raggy cat is really most unpleased! As she sets about magically conjuring up various pets, Raggy cat runs around managing to scupper her plans.
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Titchy Witchy’s 123. This is a great pre-school book with gorgeous illustrations. Count the numbers along with Titchy Witchy and Raggy Cat as they find familiar objects to play with. Unlike most children’s books, this one goes up to twenty with a simple addition to explain the number. Like most books that focus on counting, this book should have repeated readings to help reinforce counting.
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Titchy Witchy’s Colours. A wonderful first introduction to colours with bright, lively illustrations and simple text. With lots of fun-filled pictures, simple questions, home activities and the Rainbow song. The perfect way to stimulate and encourage talking and naming.
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